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I realised, I wasn’t supposed to advertise on the Internet. I could get into deep shit for that. I guess, I’d need to go back to the conventional way. Direct Selling. Oh well, I’ll update properly soon.


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Not long ago

July 4, 2008 at 6:07 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been quite awhile. No.1, I’m lazy. No.2, I’m always tired after work. Just so that this blog doesn’t rot, I’ll post something. Something uninteresting.

Anyway, we had two days in A&E. Monday 30th June and Tuesday 1st July. It’s an interesting and hectic place BUT for students like me, I get bored at such places because I’m lost most of the time and I can’t be much of a help. Atleast I learnt the art of plaster casting and two days was quite enough for me to get familiar with the ECG machine. Like it or not, ECG is common there. The A&E departments that we went to was the Triage, Critical care, Resuscitation and OTO. There was many other places but I guess they only send us to places that has more “actions”. Basically, the skills I did on A&E posting was setting up the ECG, hypocount, removing cannula, plaster cast and standing. Yes people, standing is a skill. Well, I mastered the art of standing at a fixed position while watching people get busy. One last thing, the best part of A&E was in Resuscitation room. Saw two interesting patients being brought in. I shall not post in here. Legal reasons.

One more week at ward 76! Will TRY to get most of the 2.1 skills signed at “Initial practice” column. So after the 2 weeks of holiday, I will rush for “Competency”. Gotta do this fast or history will repeat itself and I hate history repeating itself. It’s irritating. Talking about irritating, I’ve something that irritates me and it bugs me that much because dumb people just don’t think. They listen and do without thinking. Like c’mon yaww, one is getting out of teenage years and the other barely knows his/her own future. Oh wait a minute. Why should I even care? Simply put, dumb beings make dumb decisions which results in dumb outcomes. And that, they call Fate decided by god. For goodness, that dumb outcome was the result of you being dumb enough to make a dumb decision in your life. Don’t blame it on Fate. Stop to ponder about things that happen in your life. Actually, you’d find out that whatever happens in your life basically was a result of your decisions/actions. Still blame it on Fate and god? Well, to hell with you.

With that, have a helluva weekend.

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