Of what’s so sudden, Speechless, I am.

February 7, 2009 at 9:26 pm (Uncategorized)

My deepest condolences, to a friend. A friend that I may not be close with. But certainly, a friend who’ll leave a smile on your face whenever you think of her. To her family and all that has lost her, Al-Fatihah.

It got me thinking, people will only cherish others only when they are gone. Sad as it may sound, that’s what most of us are doing.  

Nevertheless, Yasmeen, that secondary school friend. A girl with a beautiful smile. A smile that brings joy to those around her. Yasmeen, I may not know you well but you certainly have left a good impression of yourself on me during secondary school years.

Al-Fatihah, to her, Yasmeen Bte Shamsudin, May you rest in peace, May Allah forgive your past sins and I hope you’re in a better place, Amin. We will all miss you and you’ll be said in our prayers, Insya Allah!


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