Out of town, for now.

March 27, 2009 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Meeting up with Ash, Farhan and Aniza tomorrow at 0800 hrs at Woodlands Interchange. We’re off for KL and will be back on Tuesday.

How funny when it seems that most of the CP members were all hyped up when words of a trip to KL got out. “Oh, I wanna do this,this and that during the trip”. It was plain bullshit coming out from each of our mouths back then. Now, it’s only the four of us for the trip. 

For those who really have something up against them, it’s all understood. For those not in the previous category mentioned. you guys ought to be lined-up against a wall and shot for disobeying direct orders. I wished.

Will be back soon with an update. Enjoy your damned holidays 0704 Nurses, you’ll need it. Adios


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How irony

March 14, 2009 at 9:21 pm (Uncategorized)


SOOOO, it was some days ago and I saw my cat suddenly running as-if it was chasing something. Then, I saw it pouncing on something. Bloody cat haven’t caught something for quite sometime. But I’m proud of my boy. He’s a good hunter.





ANYWAAAAY, Time past by quickly indeed. It’s the end of my 2 years course and it’s not the end yet. I still have to go through National Service. What an ass. That aside, my night shift was on the Thursday and the following day, the students were required to attend a briefing. It WAS a complete waste of time actually. Right after the briefing, Qayyum, Dayang, Fitri, Shidah, Farhan, Aniza and me went out for a bite at Simpang. Initially, it was a plan of Durian-eating session but don’t know why it was cancelled. Headed to Downtown and sometime after that, there was only Aniza, An, me and shidah. Random indeed, but we ended up cycling! ; )

ANYWAY AGAIN, my night shift was not that bad.  I need not elaborate on it but I find that these people can be quite an ass during the night.

The day before, which was on a Wednesday, something stupid actually happened. Well, I was talking to my EN just somewhere around the Nurses’ counter and came this makcik. She stood there and looked as-if she needed help. Trying to be helpful, I tried to help her.

Me: Yer Cik, boleh saya bantu?

Makcik: Minta ma’af eh anak, Cik cakap ni jangan marah tau. Anak makcik nak kenal-kenal dengan awak. Boleh beri nombor anak tak?

Me: *Laughs* Makcik jangan buat kelakar lah.  *laughs again* Mana satu Cik?

Makcik: Kejap eh, makcik panggil. (walks away)

Me: Eh makcik tak payah susah-susah!

So, this makcik actually went to get her daughter. I hid inside the treatment room for a moment and well, asked EN Rima how the hell was I supposed to get out of this stupid situation. After sometime, thinking it was safe to get out, this makcik actually appeared again!

Makcik: Boleh beri nombor anak tak? Anak makcik betul-betul nak kenal-kenalan dengan anak la.

Me: Er, minta ma’af la cik, tapikan, saya takda handphone. Cik beri nombor anak makcik la. Biar saya yang contact dengan dia.

Makcik: Ok, kejap eh.

So yeah, EN Rima told me to get her number and then discard it. Much safer that way since I won’t jeopardise my number. Oh, and this makcik and her daughter was pacing up and down the corridor and that makcik kept looking at me and giving those kind of sinister smile. In the end, no numbers were given. Haha! One last thing though, before that makcik left, she actually stood infront of me and said,

Makcik: Nak, Makcik jalan dahulu yer *smiles*

Y’know, sometimes, it can be a funny world with funny people appearing out of nowhere. Hah!

Well, well, well. This wasn’t what I planned to post. My mind is still in a mess. BAH. This is it, this post ends here. Maybe next time.

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March 11, 2009 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

If I’m able to channel some energy into myself tonight, I’ll post something up here. If not, some other time. Sooner or later. XD

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