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June 4, 2009 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized)

It can be quite a chore just to sit down and post something these days. Everyone either seems to work, school or maybe, going to serve their National Service. Some may say, it’s part of growing up and thats life anyway.

If life’s like that, it sure is boring. Work itself is repetitive in a sense that you do the same thing over and over again. I ain’t living like that till I hit the age of 65. Age of 65? I’ve seen taxi drivers who look like they are in their 80’s, still driving. It scares me alot because the way they drive can scare the wits out of me. On the other hand, I’ve friends who are fresh graduates and are just so eager to start building their careers. Even heard on the streets, “Mmhm! This is the life for me! I’m going to work till this period and then progress on and then work till…”

So, the pros of having a job is;

1. Financial Freedom

2. Sense of Self-Achievement

3. Sense of Responsibility

These are the few points most people would point out. There are 101 pros and cons of having a job so let’s just talk about what most would agree on. Having a job that pays you $1.1k after CPF deduction may seem the world to people of my age. Some may even dream to start a family, go on a holiday and start dreaming of alot of things based on that $1.1k. Start a family with a monthly income of $1.1k? A happy family at that? You can, provided you feed them grass. Don’t argue with me saying that bonuses are handed out every few months. At our level, meaning being single, having that kind of salary is just what we need mainly because we don’t have any obligations. Going to the next level, if you’re even dreaming of starting a family, you need your own house some fine day. That requires some serious cash. Bluntly said, having a gross income of $1.1k means you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life. Having to pay your housing loans, bills, groceries, transportation and what-not with such meagre salary isn’t going to help at all. At the end of the day, when your life is taken away, you hand these burden in the form of loans to your family. It happens and will continue to happen.

So, what about those fortunate kids out there who gets sponsored in everything by their well-off parents? I”ve met these kind of kids and my impressions of them are well, not good. Well, except for those minor few who really work for themselves and not live by charity or hand-outs by parents. I wonder, 10 or maybe 20 years down the road, would they still be living off their parents? They don’t need to work as hard since they can live-off the money left by their parents. Sooner or later, those resources will run-out and they find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

Anything before the word “but” means nothing

Work is good but it is only temporary. Temporary because you don’t know the future and its needs. Work is good but one fine day, you’ll dread. Work is good but love it or not, you have to do it. Work is good but can you imagine yourself working until the age of 65? Work is good but does it really give you the whole perceived idea of freedom as a whole?


Do you have that post-graduate syndrome whereby you solemnly swear that you are going to be passionate and continue being passionate in your profession? Being a nurse for example. Here goes, “I’ve passion for nursing. I will work in the healthcare industry and care for the sick even if it means putting my life in danger as a front-liner”. There’s no deny that there are really people out there that live by this passion and continue doing so until they eventually pass on. Just 1-2 months on the job, I start hearing complains and moans and groans about the job. Been hearing it since student days. Not hearing it from internship students like me but from people who has been in the profession for some odd years. How irony, when they started out, I’m pretty sure that most of them had that kind of passion burning in them. Like I said, only those special few stand out among the rest. In summary, being passionate about something will not subject you to complaining and moaning and groaning.

You don’t say, you have the passion for cooking and when someone asks you to cook for them so that they could sample, you dread/complain that you’re tired/busy and whatsoever. Simply said, that is not called passion.




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