Blank stares

September 4, 2009 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Each time I try to post something, it’s either I end up staring at the computer screen or I give it all up. Being dumb for a moment ain’t a funny thing at all.

Anyway, 2 more months till Passing-out-Parade. I can’t wait to know my posting. One damn thing. I can’t even manage to get a Silver for IPPT! What’s stupid is, I suck at sit-ups. Of all stations, the sit-ups. I’ll just have to suck my thumb and make do with a Pass for IPPT. This is so going to affect my posting.

After much freedom has been taken away from me, I’d pretty much would like to:

1. Go Fishing.

2. Be a student.

3. Have a proper durian buffet.

4. Catch up with friends.

SO anyway, was on the way back from camp, I dropped off at tampines interchange to take my bus home. Then, I was approached by this Indian lady whom I think should be around the age of 21-23. I just find her attractive amongst all the Indian ladies I’ve came across with. Don’t take me for some sexually oriented guy but it takes alot to attract me to something/someone. Definately, she’s a beautiful creation.

That aside, someone or anyone, who happens to have me linked in your blog, please, please tell me so I can link you too. If you feel you should be in, then post me your links!


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