Eye Contact

November 5, 2009 at 10:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Once upon  a time, I had a crush on this girl in my primary school times. We were each other’s “crush”. She has that innocent look in her and on top of that, she sported a long ponytail which I was deeply attracted too. It’s always the eyes and the hair that attracts me first. Anyway, after PSLE, we didn’t have a chance to contact each other. After 8 long years, we chanced upon each other in Home Team Academy’s Mess. We had this brief chat and off we had our lunch at separate tables. I swear I was so happy to see a familiar face during my earlier period of enlistment. Since that day onwards, we didn’t have a chance to make eye contact.

Now, post-P.O.P, it still stays the same way and why on earth does she look down everytime we walk past each other? Grr! I find it disturbing when you can’t talk to a long-lost friend. It just takes a good eye contact and I swear I’ll strike up  a conversation. Bah! After tomorrow, I won’t be stepping into Home Team Academy anymore.  I will miss EVERYTHING there.



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