Here we go again, same old shit again!

December 31, 2009 at 11:30 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s the New Year soon!



Big deal, aye?




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December 24, 2009 at 1:28 am (Uncategorized)

Just last week, ‘G’ Division held their annual sports day. Ops team Bravo already sent their names for the “4×100” relay months back but I was just so happy when one of them didnt want to go so I volunteered to take part in the event. It’s been quite awhile since I last ran for a sport event. I simply love it!

Anyway, 2010’s coming soon. I have listed down the things I want to achieve in the months to come. 16 months to ORD. Still a long way to go before I get this leash off my neck. Quite a pain in the ass to live off NS allowance. Cheapest of all labour, in Singapore’s context.

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Just pull me out of this misery

December 2, 2009 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve just finished my 4th tour of duty. Not that I can’t handle it BUT, I could use an excellent miracle to pull me out of my misery working in there. Seriously, I want to be a Field Instructor in TRACOM. The thing with me is that I regret not doing my very best to get something I want, all the time. Should have re-taken my IPPT so I could atleast, qualify for the interview. Now, I’ve to live with this for the next 17 months. Even if we were forced to serve National Service, I believe that at the very least, give us a chance to let us choose our postings. Not to just choose but  get something else, but, choose and knowing for certain to get it. National Service Department and TRACOM, convert me back to TRACOM! I want to be a Field Instructor, pretty please? You know, people always excel doing things they love doing.

Fat hope.

Anyway, just watched Singapore Idol. Even though the season after the first wasn’t worth watching, tonight’s result was eye-raising for me. Going to the top 3 is Tabitha, Slyvia and Sezaire. 2 girls and 1 guy. I admit, I do sound sexist but for this kind of competition, I hope the guy wins. He’d better win. The men just have to do it.

Talking about being sexist. What irks me the most is when you walk on the streets and you hear things like, “Why are all guys like that? Guys are jerks”. So, I found this little piece of irritating wall-to-wall conversation in my Facebook News Feed.

Girl A(in shout-out): walked past a fighting couple & heard their conversations, miss(weeping): but why you did this? are you tired of me? mr: YES! YES! YES! i’m sick & tired of being with you!

Girl B: omg!!!dats so mean!!!

Girl A: yes uh. damn mean uh. i was like, ‘how could he sey’. & putting myself in that girl’s shoes, it just hurt so much hearing his words uh. imagine how painful it is for that girl who went through this. macam kesian kan.

Girl B: i cant imagine myself being in her shoe seh…it realli hurts lor…stoopid guy.too much ah!

Girl A:  truly hurts uh. i tadi macam nk g kat lelaki tu pas tu bukak kasot i ketok2 kepale dier uh! klau pakai ncc boots lagi bagos uh! hees!

Girl B: pakai hammer bagus…ncc boots ringan sgt.kasi kepale die pecah.otak tarok kt pantat!

Typical “All guys are jerks” conversation. I do agree that to shout that you hate being with that someone in the face, in full view of the public is really embarassing for that someone being shouted at but let’s look at the whole picture. Ladies, remember one of your girl friends just broke up with her boyfriend and then you cuss and swear at the said ex-boyfriend of hers and then you sympathise with her saying how a jerk your ex-boyfriend was too? Then, you two had this conference with 4 of your other BFF’s and coincidently, all of them have ended up with the same plight as you. After which, all 6 of you go to another 6 of your individual BFF’s and tell the same story again. Guess what, you ladies share the same plight too! In the end, the 12 of you conclude that all guys are jerks. 12 is just a number. Imagine the millions out there that share the same sentiments.

So, the whole point of the story is, before you end up in those typical, “All guys/girls are jerks/bitches”, take some time to listen to your dear friend. Who knows, his/her actions might have triggered a bitch/jerk. For all you know, you might have wronged that said jerk/bitch, y’know?

It wouldn’t hurt to listen to both sides.

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