Story of the Small Fry and the Big Fuck

February 17, 2010 at 11:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Valentines’ Day on the 14th February. Okay……no significant to me, whatsoever. No need for me to explain, am I right my fellow muslim brothers and sisters? Next is Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year preparations never fails to come with a big hoo-hah! But oh well, it really is a disappointment when it comes to the celebration it self. Apart from seeing quite a number of reds during the celebrations, seeing someone wearing their traditional suits is something so rare, my grandmother could grow her amputated leg back. It IS really fine with me if you want to keep up with the times but what the hell? Wearing your usual shorts and tank tops with you carrying a bag of oranges? Come on, its your Chinese New Year celebrations. Don’t wear something you’d normally wear to bed/normal outings. Get what I mean? I don’t mean no offence but seriously do appear in your traditional suits. It really helps with the atmosphere. Please and Thank You.

Anywho, work can be quite a bitch when your superior listens more to his/her superior then you. One-sided, I’d say. You do your job pretty much the way it is to be done but when some higher-ups comment about something not being done properly, you instigate an investigation which is the right thing BUT not when you carry out the investigation and end up lecturing us for something we did NOT do. All in the name of saving your reputation. In the end, we apologise for something that did not happen in the first place but it just so fucking happens that some higher-ups says so.

Sad world isn’t it?

Shit just happens. It will continue to happen and it will happen.



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