June 22, 2010 at 2:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Opened up Internet Explorer, found Sun Ho on yahoo’s page. If she was trying to be Caucasian, then she failed. I find it disturbing to see asians dye their hair blonde or some other colours. It just doesn’t look right. If you mess with your natural looks, you’d end up looking inhuman. Just look at some of those malay girls with their nice eyebrows and you’d know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m really itching to go fishing, yet again! Work has been quite a bitch and I need a break! At the same time, I’d really love to have a meal at Sakura Buffet/Seoul Garden! Anyone with me?

11 more months before I get to take this leash off me. Gosh, I should have been in the army. =o



  1. neez said,

    really?? Sakura ! Wow ! Last time i went there was a year ago siaw .. Eh u noe pat jb ade this pacific hotel yg ade international buffet ..very nice oso ..its 5star hotel and its way cheaper ah seyh .. Kau nk blanje aku tak ?wakkakaka ..siak jer

    • saifulbakhri said,

      JB?!?! AKU MALAS LAAAAAA! I’d rather pay more and stay in SG than travel all the way to JB! XD

  2. indrawaty said,

    gi dgn aku ..aku tgh tunggu next gaji aku seh… 😦 kate nk gi sama2… 😀

    • saifulbakhri said,

      Hahahah yes waty, i still remember! next gaji kau bila eh?

  3. Indrawaty said,

    bile kau free? msg aku… my pay always on the middle of the month.. btw i change my no.. u have my new number or not?

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