August 28, 2010 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

Finally, after donkey months of using someone else’s phone, I got myself a phone! Atleast I got a gadget to keep me company at work! So anyway, a few days ago, work was a bitch because someone had to sabotage his own men all in the name of “What-if’s”. Y’know, it sucks to be part of something that revolves around “what-if’s” that will never happen. Gosh, as im typing my post, I find it very stupid to use WordPress on my Iphone4. Fucking plain and not much features here. Blah!



  1. nad said,

    waa… iphone4 seii!!! relink aku:))

  2. INDRAWATY said,

    Wei…nk buka puasa same2 aku kepinging mkn seoul garden..nk meet.. tk? when you’re off day sia…

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