Let’s jump the bandwagon!

October 5, 2010 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Like Facebook, Tweeting is such a phenomenon. Every single second, you get someone posting their daily occurance.

1 second ago: Yay! It’s out!

3 seconds ago: It’s coming!

5 seconds ago: Gosh! How come it’s so hard?!

4 minutes 23 seconds ago: In the toilet, clearing my bowels.

5 minute 5 seconds ago : I think I might have to go relief myself.

Attention seeking, much? Who know’s I’m going to jump the bandwagon and post tweets too? Read the rest of this entry »


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I’m not an angry person

October 4, 2010 at 4:54 pm (Uncategorized)

So you read the previous post and you went, “What? This guy’s full of anger”.

I’m not an angry person

I’m just someone who thinks a little bit too deep, at times. Like, why do we wash our bathing towels when we only use it after our baths? Shouldn’t the towels still be clean because we are clean after we bathe?  The towels are dirty because we use it after we bathe when we should be clean after we bathe. So to say, we are dirty after we bathe. Does it make any sense?

Don’t get me wrong. I change my towels everyday.

I will skip the “Time flies” speech. My blog has been abandoned for sometime mainly because I’m generally a lazy person. Well, not really. I’m just tired that’s all. Yes, I have been tired for a long time. Plus, shift work really sucks. I don’t know if I can survive in the Nursing industry considering the fact that the shifts there are pretty messed up. I think I can survive. On the average, nurses spend at least 9-10hrs per shift. The Force works at an average of 13-14 hours at the minimum. That would be on a good day. On bad days, you can spend a max of 15-16hrs at work! So, maybe I can survive being a nurse after being in the Force.

Too early to say, but it never hurt to look on the bright side!

Currently contemplating whether I should send Aniza and Ashraf the photos taken at Sakura. Laziness being the main reason! To keep the bugs away, you give them the spray! Alright! Photos will be uploaded and sent via email!

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It really is Human Nature to lie, no matter how pious he/she is.

October 3, 2010 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Agree, pretty much? A leopard never changes it’s spots. Once a liar, always a liar. Once a thief, always a thief. They hold the same meaning no matter how you put it. It really is impossible for someone to be truly honest. Y’know, they say, you can’t reveal every single secret/events in your life to your special someone because just one day, they might use it against you. Ever heard of that? So you just have to tell a white lie. A lie, is but a lie. But sometimes, it’s just best to be honest because you need a lie to cover up another lie, and the list goes on.

Who cares anyway?

We are all materialistic. We judge people by the looks, we judge them by their wallets. So it seems. I mean c’mon, you will find a partner based on his family backgrounds and such. How much income they earn, where they live, any bad family history. Aren’t all these judging people on the outside? Don’t tell me you don’t care how he/she looks like because all that matters is loving the heart. Sounds familiar right? At the end of the day, you’d really care how good your partner looks like because you are going to stick with him/her for the rest of your life and it better be someone good to look at. It IS human nature to be attracted to beautiful things. It’s a two-way argument because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Again, who cares anyway?

It takes alot to apologize someone but you just have to accept the apologies anyways because it is a sin when you don’t accept someone else’s apologies. Let bygones be bygones. So they say. When someone says, “I’m sorry for everything”, what really is “Everything”? Shouldn’t we go, “Look, I’m sorry for doing “A”, “B” and “C”, I’m sorry for everything”. Shouldn’t it be that way instead? Come Aidilfitri, we wish each other, “Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir dan batin”. Hey, we will just say out this wish since our forefathers have been wishing this all the while. What’s “Zahir” and what’s “Batin” that you are referring to?  Just makes me wonder if it all were just a preset wish.

Just my one cent worth of thought.


What the hell, who cares anyway?


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