The Judge sentence you to….

February 14, 2012 at 1:02 am (Uncategorized)

I don’t mind that you judge a person if your profession is well, a Judge in the court of law. Other than that, I personally feel that you don’t have the rights to judge a person at all. No matter the past or problem, big or small, at no circumstances at all should you judge a person. You just don’t have the rights and it’s as simple as that.

We are humans and we judge others, it’s normal. Well how about, let’s be inhuman and not judge others, it’s abnormal. It’s okay for you to have a personal view on someone but to judge a person is similiar to stereotyping.

So, would you judge a person you barely know for 10 months? When I mean barely, you only know his name,age,birthdate,hobbies and how he interacts with you and others around you for that 10 months. Would that be sufficient grounds to judge someone? Do I judge? No. I only have a personal view but it’s backed by rationalisation on why someone acts a certain way. Let’s say, I see this person as being loud and offensive, I will not label him as a vulgar person. Instead, I tell myself that this person is loud and offensive because there might be something that is bothering him. That is when I try to be on the same thinking frequency just so that this person opens up to me. This way, I get to find out why a particular person acts a certain way without the need to judge him.

Do I need to say more?


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