1. He goes by the name of Saiful Bakhri.
  2. He gets excited over anything pertaining to games.
  3. He’s so crazy over console/pc gaming, he can go on for 10hours non-stop.
  4. He’s not totally a freak, he does outdoor activities too.
  5. He’s so into fishing, his fishing buddies tell him “I shouldn’t have introduced you to fishing”.
  6. He can spend more than 10 hours doing the things he like and that includes fishing.
  7. He thinks there’s worms in him. All the food does nothing to his weight.
  8. He may be laughing with you but deep down, he’s assessing your character.
  9. He has alot to share but he forgets each time he tries to deliver.
  10. He thinks he’d told too much.

1 Comment

  1. neez said,

    Yes !! I agree !!! haha !!
    Not to forget .. He has a windy head when tak cukop tido !! haha

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